Mini Kit's VBS Adventures

I like that title. It sounds like a headline. I like headlines. Then again, how could I not? I am a Kit Kittredge doll, after all. I'm very small for an American Girl, but that just means that I'm travel sized! I went to VBS with MyLittleMegara this week and it was a lot of fun! I even made a little 7 year old friend. She was very sweet and played with my hair and gave me a kiss.

Typing this is proving to be extremely difficult.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching MyLittleMegara perform as Mary's nosy neighbor.

She had a very fun costume.

I hope I'm more pleasant than MyLittleMegara's character. She played a very snotty, rude character.

I also had fun listening to the kids' conversations. Some of them were hilarious!

SNACK TIME!!!! This apple slice was a bit difficult for me to manage... I can't imagine trying to eat an entire one.

Supposedly, this was Mary's bed... it seemed really uncomfortable to me.

There were also several painted backdrops in Mary's House.

I had a lot of fun at VBS. I hope I can go on more adventures soon!



  1. What VBS did your church have? Cindy or Rory plan to help me out with ours next week!

    1. It was themed after the idea of how Jesus grew up in an ordinary town, just like the rest of us. I think the kids learned a lot!!

    2. Cool! We're doing one kind of like that.


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