Emily and Yank Go To The Museum

I went back to the museum last week and this time, Emily chose to come with me. She brought Yank so she could take him on a "proper walk. " I don't know how a walk in a museum is "proper," but Emily wouldn't hear no.

Emily really enjoyed exploring the little village they have set up.

Yank found quite a few things to sniff, so I think he enjoyed it, too.

Emily wore Molly's bicycling outfit and looked very cute, indeed (as Emily would say.)

At one point, Yank cocked his head to the side. "What is it, Yank?" Emily asked. Yank started to pull on his leash like he saw something exciting and Emily had no choice but to follow.

Laughing, Emily followed Yank up some stairs.

Emily commanded Yank to stay, then climbed up to see what was inside the little house he had found.

She was so surprised by what she saw!

What on earth were Kit and Ruthie doing in a museum?

Emily waved. "Hello!" she called, addressing Kit.
Kit smiled back. "Hi!" Her voice was only somewhat muffled by the glass.

Yank waited patiently while Kit and Emily talked. He's such a good dog!

After chatting with Kit for a while, Emily walked over to the other side and said hello to Ruthie.

"We have a Ruthie at my home!" Emily told her. 
"I think I met her once," Ruthie smiled, "we don't get a lot of doll visitors so I remember her!"

Emily stayed for a few minutes more, then continued to explore with Yank.

They visited Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet and Tigger, who invited them to tea. Emily politely declined. There was still so much to see and do!

Emily left Yank with me so she could explore a cool black lit area.

She also got pictures with a fun car mural and chose to ride the carousel. 

As we were leaving, Emily turned to me. "Why are Kit and Ruthie stuck behind glass like that instead of living with a little girl?"

"Well, I suppose it's so that lots of little girls can enjoy them for a very long time. They may not have one specific family, but they get to bring joy to all sorts of families. Who knows? Maybe they get visited often by a little girl who doesn't have any dolls but loves to see them. Then they can sort of be her dolls but everyone else's, too."

She smiled at me. "I never thought about it that way!"

I was happy to reassure her, and I was happy to know that Kit and Ruthie really did have a wonderful opportunity. :)




  1. Such a cute photoshoot! Also, I love your hair, Meg! I wish mine were curly. ☺

    1. Thank you, Anna Catherine! It was a lot of fun to follow Emily around with the camera. ;) Curly hair may look nice, but it can be a pain to take care of. Lots of weird styling products. I like it now, but I used to loathe it! It also gets very fluffy when it is humid... XD

    2. Mine is as straight as a stick, so that's why I say that. XD My hair sticks out from my head like spikes when it's humid!

    3. At least we can all share our humidity problems, am I right? ;)


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