Meet Cute Monday Post Two: Hyacinth

Meet... Hyacinth.

Hyacinth is a good-natured, honest girl with a fondness for lazy Sundays and chipmunks.

She's the 2014 Disney Store Classic Rapunzel doll, picked up at our local store a few months ago.

Hyacinth is almost never seen without her trusty frying pan, an accessory I found in a bin of Barbie stuff and gave to her.

Her favorite color is pink (like the stripes on her sleeves) and she likes Fraggle Rock (the Jim Henson TV show.)

Hyacinth is close friends with Piper, my J C Penney Classic Anna. They were purchased on the same shopping trip and have been somewhat inseparable since.

Any questions for Hyacinth? Feel free to ask away in comments!



  1. Oh she has such a pretty name! Tell her Hi! from little Rosemary! She was excited to see her and wanted to swing her own frying pan. Not as movie accurate as Hyacinth's but better than nothing.

    1. Hi, Rosemary!! You're frying pan is adorable. It's nice to "meet" you!!



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