Meet Cute Monday Post Three and April Disney Challenge Day 27

Best Wardrobe: This goes to Ariel, with all of her fabulous costume changes. The girl can rock a bikini made of seashells, an old sail, a ballgown, a sheath dress, and just about everything in between.

As for this week's MCM...

Meet... Esmeralda.

Esmeralda is very similar to her movie character and has a large and giving heart.

She is a Mattel Esmeralda doll from the release of The Hunchback of Notre Dame who has most of her accessories thanks to several eBay listings and a piece of pink scrap fabric.

Esmeralda is an extremely talented dancer, though she makes up most dances as she goes along.

She has definite religious convictions but often finds herself wondering why God lets certain things happen and what she should do to change some of those things.

Esmeralda is fairly easy to get along with. Her best friend is Meg, but she gets along well with a lot of the guys, especially Naveen, and is often seen helping out the Frog family.

That's it for today! As always, if you have questions for Esme she'd be happy to answer in comments.



  1. Best Wardrobe: the one from Beauty and the Beast, she gives advice and helps getting dressed.
    Ok second attempt. Best Wardrobe: Stuff all Princess' and Disney Heroines' stuff in one wardrobe and that's the best! Not only because it is full of gorgeous outfits but if there is a wardrobe in which so many dresses could be kept...

    Esmeralda is really gorgeous. My favourite picture of her is the second one, she has such a pretty face. I wish there would be a mini version of her so she could join my mini gang, too. (But I have enough going ot with the 6 ladies and only 2 gentlemen I have. It must be scary for the boys.:)

    1. Madame La Grande Buche!!! How did I not think of her??? (Or is it Bouche?) I'm not sure...

      She's very pretty, thanks! I bet your guys will get used to all of the attention. Are there any budding romances?

    2. I think it's Bouche, because it's a french name and it means mouth. :)

      Not yet since they are still in the box but the four girls out of box come every day to stare at them for a little while. :) Once they are free, I'll read them all the dollblogs and share theit opinions. :) And I'm hoping to get another four girls but it seems like it won't work out... :(

      And last but not least I wanted to tell how much I love the Disney challenges you are doing, every day something new and exciting. :)

    3. Madame The Big Mouth. That is the best name ever!

      Ah, well, we'll have to wait and see then. :) I'm sure you'll get your other girls soon enough. :D

      Thank you!!

    4. It's happening... :) Hans already cast an eye on the newest Beauty of my collectin but Belle is suspicious. :)
      I still wish I had a mini Esmeralda to recreate this one of Amy Mebbersons Pocket Princesses:

    5. I wonder if Elena of Avalor could play Esme just for this one :)

    6. I bet she could! I think she has brown eyes, but you could always paint them green - she'd be precious!


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