Mattel Frozen Fever Doll Disparities

My mother recently got a set of the Mattel Frozen Fever dolls. Hers were ordered from Amazon, just like mine, but there are some definite differences between her girls and mine.

Throughout this comparison, my dolls are going to be on the left.

The two Anna dolls have the most striking differences.

Mom's Anna's dress's bodice is put together slightly better with the design centered and less puckered seams.

Their faces are almost identical. The only difference that I can see is that my Anna's left eyebrow may be slightly more tilted. However, they have entirely different hairstyles. My Anna has carefully curled bangs and a cylindrical bun. Mom's Anna had blunt cut bangs and a dome shaped bun.

Elsa and Elsa are much more similar.

The print on each bodice is different and the flowers on each are scattered in different places.

Mom's Elsa also appears to have the thinner face of the previous Mattel Elsa dolls and slightly thinner hair.

I hope this mini review helps any of you who were still on the fence about getting these two dolls. I honestly think both sets are lovely and though I do prefer my Anna's hair, I think my mother's Anna may be an irregularity because I saw several FF dolls at Kohls and I didn't notice any blunt cut bangs there. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


  1. Poor, irregular Anna. Luckily i have a soft spot for the underdog....


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