Frozen Fever Anna Cosplay Tutorial Part Two: Odds and Ends (Also April Disney Challenge Day 22)

I know it's been a while since part one, but I'm still working on my Frozen Fever dress. I'm actually almost done (all that's left is to figure out how to get those stupid sunflowers on the skirt... which I have no idea how to do) but I've still got a whole lot to share so here we go!

Sunflower Hair Clip

One of the smaller accessories I made for this cosplay was Anna's sunflower hair clip, which is nestled into the base of her bun and has three trailing ribbons. The annoying thing about these ribbons is that they seem different in every picture I can find. I've seen blue, green, yellow, and white ribbons. I chose to use blue ribbons because that's what I already had.

I cut three lengths of ribbon, two of equal length and one longer. I didn't measure them, but if I have to guess I'd say that they're about a foot long each, give or take a few inches.

So my ribbons wouldn't fray, I sealed them with clear nail polish.

The sunflower I used had been part of a "potted plant," so it had a little bit of a stem. I had to cut it off so that I could glue it to my barrette.

I left a small bit of stem on the flower so that the glue would have something to hold on to.

I put it all together using hot glue for the sake of time.

That's dried paint. I don't have pink hot glue.

First I glued the three ribbons down equal distances apart.

Then I glued the sunflower's tiny remaining bit of stem in the slot on the top of the barrette.

I also put tiny dobs of glue on both ends of the barrette to hold two petals down for extra security.

Once it dried, I clipped it into my wig's braided bun.

 Et voila! C'est une belle fleur!

Bejeweled Brooch

This is the easiest part of the entire cosplay. I took a purple jewel, colored it orange with a sharpie, and hot glued it to a button.

To keep it on my shirt without having it be permanent, I attached it with a safety pin. Super simple and super pretty!

I hope this continues to be helpful. Part three coming soon!

April Disney Challenge Day 22: Bravest heroine.

This has to be Mulan, with Meg, Esmeralda, Anna and Merida as runners up.
#savedchina (that's for you, Aighmi*!)



I had to remake the button because I may have kind of lost the first one. Smooth, I know. Plus, it wasn't very large and Anna's is... not understated.

This time around, I used an old button style pin (which I painted gold) and a googly eye (which I painted orange.)

The eye needed multiple coats until I was satisfied with the color.

When I got it to a place that I liked, I added sparkly nail polish to make it look less like a googly eye painted orange. Hey, waste not, want not, right?

You can't even tell that it's a googly eye anymore!

Then I used more sparkly nail polish to paint the design on the button itself.

I used blue and then more of the orange to make a "sunburst" pattern.

Once everything was dry, I hot glued the eye to the button and...

... it was perfect!

I also decided that I needed to make Anna's bracelet from the short film.

cropped from
Not having metal working capabilities, I made mine using oven bake clay.

I used two different colors, a dark blue and a light blue. 

I rolled them together, then broke my coil into four segments.

I flattened these segments into discs, then baked them.

Using the same nail polish, I painted simple designs on them: suns and snowflakes.

Then I took some light blue ribbon I had. I tied it around my wrist...

... then untied it and hot glued the discs to it.


At some point in this process, I also cut around the edges of the discs so that they were closet to being "perfect" circles.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your costume!



  1. Wow, so creative! It must take alot of patience and skill to make such a costume!

    1. Thanks. It is quite time consuming, but I love doing it so the time flies. I'm getting faster as I get better, too. :D

  2. "Bravest heroine.
    This has to be Mulan, with Meg, Esmeralda, Anna and Merida as runners up."

    Coulsn't agree more :)


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