April Disney Challenge Day 18

I promise that I have a "real" post coming soon. I've been super busy this week what with school and sleep and all (though I've had very little sleep) so these posts have been all I've had time for. Sorry to those of you who've been waiting for my LE Anna review. It's coming, I promise. :}

Favorite name: Cinderella. I think I spent most of my childhood thinking I could grow up and change my name to Cinderella.

It hasn't happened yet.



  1. My favourite names are Jasmine and Tiana
    And I hated how Rapunzels name was changed in the hungarian version to Goldenhair

    1. Those are lovely names, too!

      Goldenhair? Seriously? What did they think Tangled was supposed to be, Goldilocks and the Three Bears? That's awful!

    2. I have no idea... It's really stupid, we do have a lovely name for that kind of lettuce she is named after, she should have been called Galambbegy. And on the top of that her hungarian voice is really annoying
      And she actually has brown hair. What on earth did they call her after the haircut?

    3. *sigh* That's too bad, I love Tangled so much! Umm Earthenhair, maybe?

    4. If they had thought of Earthenhair, they would have done it. Or maybe Miss Brownbear, since they seemed to have this Goldielocks idea.

    5. Miss Brownbear, hahaha! Yes!


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