April Disney Challenge Day 17

I have to pick my favorite eyes today, which I think is extremely unfair because I love the hand animated eyes but the CGI ones are so detailed and gorgeous that I'm going to pick one of each.

For hand animated, we're going with Meg. They're so big and expressive and they're violet, for heavens sake!

Oh My Disney

For CGI, we're going with Rapunzel because of all the gorgeous little multi-colored speckles in them.



  1. I know! eyes are so pretty and very expressive!!!

  2. Violet eyes make every princess more unique. Also can't we all have punzie's eyes?!! Or Meg's?? They are just so expressive and beautiful and fairytale-ish :)

  3. My choices are Jasmine for hand animated and Rapunzel for CGI :)
    Aurora is another purple eyed beauty :)


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