Frozen Edit and Other Updates

Last week was really crazy. I had to drop out of the talent show even after all of the dress craziness because I was sick Monday and Tuesday and then had show choir auditions Wednesday and Thursday- throw in the fact that I was still having a pretty bad battle with allergies (not a virus, after all) and all of the regular work I have to do and there was no way that I was going to get any posts up. I did have time to start a project with Isabelle (my AG GOTY 2014) but I haven't finished yet and I don't want to post pix or anything until it's done. Feel free to guess what it is, though!

Right now it's sleet-snowing outside and it is really nasty, plus I've got quite a bit of work to do so instead of a nice, long doll review I'll share this Frozen edit that I made:

Ahh, nothing like some Monday feels!!!!