Mini Animator Anna Doll Review

Here's another promised review, the Disney Store's miniature Animator's Collection Anna! Unfortunately, I was having a major brain malfunction during the deboxing so you get pictorial evidence of me being stupid. Ha. Ha. Moving on... this little cutie is so stinkin' precious I can't even stand it! She came in a little pink plastic carrying case with a thin clear plastic band holding it shut.

There's a small tag on the handle with the same designs from the full size box.

Feed Sven carrots?? AWESOME!

The plastic case is sturdy, pale pink plastic with a hot pink glittery handle and a clear front.
 The Animators' Collection logo is in one corner, in front of Sven.

The case opens with a simple latch at the top.

I had a heck of a time getting Anna's carrots out, I'll tell you! It was really hard to get the large scissors around the plastic tie holding them in and not damage the carrying case.

I did it, though, and they are absolutely precious and fit nicely in the palm of my hand.

Zombie hand- why does it look blue??

After the carrots, I couldn't get anything out of the packaging, which was naturally distressing as I didn't want Anna to stay in the box.

Ohhhh you mean I can remove the packaging from the case? Weeeeeell yeeeeeaaaah that would prooooobably help...

All I managed to get out of it this time was Anna's doll, a very cute glitter-coated figure approximately the same size as the carrots.

That face!
Presented with the fact that I was going to have to get the cardboard off of the back of the plastic, I snapped a few pix.

Next, I took the trolls out. They are absolutely adorable and (though I didn't get pictures of this) are the perfect size to correspond with the Kristoff Classic doll as well.

I. Love. The. Trolls.

Sven is held in by several plastic twist ties and has a small plastic cover over one ear. He's flocked.

He has a hinge on the side that opens his mouth...

which is the most terrifying thing in this world.

Put in the carrots (which don't fit) and you get something vaguely less horrible for his mouth. He's cute from the front! No, not just cute, adorable!

Cute little Sven is the size of my hand (or my corpse's hand... it's still a weird color!)

Anna also came with a hairbrush.

Anna is held to the clear plastic by a tab in her head (grrrr,) a string around her waist, and one around her ankles.

Once freed, Anna became twice as cute.

She has huge blue eyes and soft freckles and the sweet, slightly sad expression I fell in love with on the 16 inch doll.

Her hair is evenly parted and her vest is only printed on the front of her bodice.

Her skirt glitters and has a subtle rosemaling print on the hem. You might be able to see that the stitching is bunched up on one side, a flaw in my Anna only. Her legs are made of a green plastic and she has black flats.

She has 4 points of articulation: her head, her shoulders, her hips, and her knees.

I find this a bit odd, since the 16 inch doll doesn't have hinged knees.

The sled is in two parts: a rope harness and the sled itself.

They fit together in a sort of "lock and key" set up.

Sven fits in the harness!

Cuteness overload.

Here's the empty packaging and Anna with all of her stuff...

Overall, I give this doll a nine out of ten. I'm knocking off a point because her knee joints seem very fragile and because of Sven's horror-movie-worthy maw. Other than that, Anna is adorable and she is a great addition to my collection! I highly recommend this doll.

Thank you!


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    1. I know!!! She's one of my favorite dolls. I say that about every Anna, though... :)

      Sorry I've been out of touch. Did you see my G+ thing?

  2. Did any of your classic dolls adopt this little beauty as a daughter? :)
    Is she called Anna or did you give her another name?

    1. It's funny that you mention that, because Anna and Kristoff have been tossing the idea around for a while. I bet they ultimately will. Her name is now Olivia. :)


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