Frozen Items from the 2015 Toy Fair

Now, I did not go to the Toy Fair. These are not my photos. Every bit of information I found was from Idle Hands, a blog I stumbled upon when looking for pictures of a Frozen doll bicycle. (Long story.) I also found the official New York Toy Fair pamphlet which confirms this information.

Anyway, according to Idle Hands, here are some Mattel releases from Frozen we can look forward to this Fall!

1. Singing Elsa Doll, $24.99

Elsa sings "Let It Go" when you press the button on her chest.
I don't think I'll be getting this doll. She's pretty, but not particularly exciting and I'm more of an Anna collector, anyway.
Oddly enough, she is actually on Amazon already and you can purchase her here.

2. Singing Anna Doll, $24.99

Anna sings "For the First Time in Forever" when you press the button on her necklace.
Anna probably will come home with me, though I will most likely use her as the base of a custom. I don't think she has the new face paint that the Frozen Fever dolls have (and yes, I'm working on a review of them that I should have up by the end of the week) and her skirt just depresses me. However, I am intrigued by her arms and would certainly enjoy making her the best she could possibly be.
She is not yet available.

3. Stretch and Slide Olaf, $16.99

Olaf slides around on his stomach.
Okay, so this thing is, frankly, completely terrifying me. I mean, it's fun in the movie that he can rearrange his body parts, but this is just as morbid in practice as Pull-Apart Talking Olaf.
Olaf is also not yet available.

4. Elsa's Ice Palace, $129.99

This is a Barbie dream house on steroids- it lights up, and you can "recreate the transformation," according to Mattel. I don't know if it plays Let It Go or not, but it should!
I WOULD LOVE THIS TO USE AS A DISPLAY CASE. Can you even imagine? It would be the coolest way to display my collection ever (pun intended)!
It is also not available at this time.

5. Anna, Elsa, Olaf and a Bicycle, $34.99

This set comes with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf dolls and a tandem bicycle that plays "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"
I think this set is super cute, but my mom wants it so I probably won't end up getting it. If we do get it, though, I will probably review it. No promises as Fall is a long way away, though!

That's all for now, though I have a few more posts in the works that we should see soon!

Snowmen and tiaras,


  1. Someone needs to tell these toymakers that a molded-on bodysuit and an elastic skirt do NOT make a super-attractive doll outfit! It's one thing if you're talking about a "my first" doll for young children, but for anyone old enough to tie their own shoes, it's just off-putting. Not to mention the skirts tend to look a bit cheap. For a $25 doll, I'd expect better.

    The tandem bike is neat, but that's got to be the most random bit of official Frozen merchandise I've seen so far. And eep - they made a TALKING pull-apart Olaf? That's just plain creepy.

    1. That's most of why I want to customize the singing Anna- the Mattel face mold has a lot of possibility, but they aren't a) painting her nearly as well as they could be (just look up Lulemee Doll Customs if you want to see amazing Anna faces) or b) putting her in actual clothing. Especially if you compare the lovely, full, box pleated skirt to the cheaply made, screen-printed disappointment singing Anna is wearing. And don't even get me started on what they did to Elsa!

      I like the bike because it is cute, but I really don't have any idea what it has to do with the movie, either. :) But I'm quite sure that doll bikes sell well, and if nothing else Frozen has taught me that Mattel isn't really in it for quality in their play princess doll line, just for quantity. When you compare their generic, often sloppily painted Cinderellas to their beautiful EAH Ashlynn Ellas it really doesn't make sense. The Frozen Fever dolls they put out absolutely blew me away- those are nicely made, detailed dolls that I can safely say are almost up to the Disney Store's standard.

      Yes ma'am, there is a TALKING PULL APART OLAF. He is terrifying.

    2. Oh I think I've seen that customs page! It's amazing how different and engaging the dolls look with just a little bit of effort. Do you think that the Frozen Fever dolls use the same headmolds and just have better decoration, or did they make whole new molds too?

      (Okay, I'm calling it. There's supposed to be a song in Frozen Fever, want to bet there's a couple of seconds of the sisters on a tandem bike in the square or something? XD)

      Oh seriously, it's ridiculous. You can almost tell that they thought to themselves "Hm, well we know the Disney Princess dolls will sell regardless of what they look like, why bother putting any real effort in them?" Grr. I think I heard that Hasbro is taking over the mass-market Disney doll license next year, I'll be interested to see what kind of dolls we get from them. The preview pics of the Descendents line look amazing so far.

      Eee.. "Maul Me Olaf" is going to haunt my dreams now!

    3. I know! She has a few customs of LE dolls that manage to make the factory paint on LIMITED EDITION DOLLS look mediocre. The FF doll definitely have similar faces, though Elsa's is slightly chubbier... I'm hoping to get that review up this weekend.

      If you go to, Kaylen has a few new screencaps from FF including one of the girls on... you guessed it... a tandem bike!

      The only non-Frozen Mattel doll I've even considered buying for quite a while is their signature Rapunzel. They actually seem to have put quite an effort into making her look nice! I can't wait for the Hasbro switch. Hopefully they'll make Ariel dolls that don't look soulless... Mattel's Ariels have always disappointed me. ALWAYS.

      Maul Me Olaf... good description, and accurate! Yikes!

  2. Just curious: Did you add an Anna doll made by Hasbro to your collection? I would love to read your opinion. No pressure, though, I know you are extremely busy.

    1. I have not added a Hasbro Anna doll to my collection. I've thought about it, but they are more expensive than I think they are worth new and I don't like them enough to look for one on eBay. If I find one at a thrift store, I will certainly get her but until one finds me I won't go looking for her. :) Please keep commenting! I have a review in progress and I hope to get that up before the end of the month.

    2. I hope the right one will find you one day :)
      Thank you, that means so much to me since I know I can be a bit too much sometimes. I was really down last weekend and reading your blog helped me so much to feel better again! Thank you that you are here for us!

    3. I promise, you are not too much! I cherish every comment I get here and I love being able to connect with other doll enthusiasts through this crazy blog!

      I am beyond thrilled to know that reading my blog helped you feel better! You are so welcome, and thank you for being such a loyal fan! That means so much to me. :)


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