Introducing... Violet!

Yesterday I recieved the Violet doll from Pixar's The Incredibles that I ordered from this Flickr user. This is actually the same person that I ordered my Hercules and my second Meg from and I highly recommend her if you want some rarer dolls at very reasonable prices. :)

Here's Vi as she appeared on Jessica's Flickr:

I had recently fallen in love with The Incredibles after having watched it for the first time in maybe 8 years. We actually watched it two nights in a row, per my mother's request. :) Then one day I was scrolling through her photos with some eBay money in my... well, PayPal account, but you know what I mean... and Violet's picture jumped out at me. "TAKE ME HOMEEEEE!!!" was what she seemed to be yelling. 

I had fun getting pictures of her this morning- she has interesting articulation (straight arms, but her head and waist turn, she can bend her waist at different angles, and she has click knees) and an extremely character-filled face.

Lovely Vi!
Just another day saving the world...
Whew! Superhero training is hard work!

You also might notice that her hair looks different in my photos- that's because I pushed a section forward to simulate bangs.

Hi, there!
She originally would have come with gloves and street clothes. Her super suit is molded on but her headband and mask are removable.

She's not typically pretty, which I love. She's got big ears and a round face and dark circles under her eyes from, presumably, the stress of being 14. In short, she looks like a teenager.

Face without Mask
She has one of the best paint jobs I've seen (including the Frozen Classics dolls.) She has the aforementioned dark circles plus a subtle touch of blush on her cheeks and ears. 

I know I didn't take her headband off for any of the pictures, but fixing her hair was a little harder than expected. It still has fly-aways, which I think give her more character accuracy than super-smooth, perfect hair but I didn't want to do it a third time. :}

Over all, I am very pleased to have Vi in my collection and I highly recommend. She is incredibly detailed and is one of the most movie accurate dolls in my collection.

 Have an INCREDIBLE day! :D


  1. Violet is so pretty! I've honestly always wanted a Disney doll, but never gotten around to purchasing one!

    1. Thanks! Most of my dolls are Disney characters, and I love them!! Vi is definitely one of my favorites, though. ;)

  2. I like it too that she's not the typical pretty girl, she has just a normal face :)


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