Giveaway Winners!!!!

I had a few friends help me set up my giveaway drawing today! :)

Posy wrote out the names on little slips of paper.

Flynn and Rapunzel folded the paper and filled a teacup.

17 inch Rapunzel mixed all of the paper up so that the order was completely random.

My OOAK Rapunzel, Blossom, drew a name for the purple charm.

Blindfolded, she reached into the teacup and...

...drew the name of our first winner: AnonymousA!

Congratulations, AnonymousA!

Cress and her fiance, Eugene, pulled the winner of the white charm. Eugene mixed the remaining names up while Cress held the charm for me to take a picture. :)

Eugene blindfolded her so that she could draw fairly.

And when she reached down, he made sure that she was secure and wouldn't fall.

This time, our winner was Aighmi*!

Congratulations to Aighmi* and AnonymousA and better luck next time to Ella Clayton. Thank you all for entering! Please get back to me before the 17th with your shipping addresses so that I can send you your prizes as soon as possible. If you don't respond before then, Ella will automatically be the winner.



  1. Replies
    1. I haven't heard from AnonymousA yet, so you've still got a chance.

  2. I'm so glad I won!!! Eek!

    1. I'm glad too! The odds were 8 to 1 against you and you managed to come out first. Congratulations!

      PS I got your email and will be emailing you tomorrow :)


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