Quiz Fun

I love personality quizzes. I just love them. MBTI, Which _____ are you most like, etc... I am a proud ENFP, a confirmed Megara/Anna/Rapunzel mix... i could keep going, but I think you get it by now. So, over the last few days, I've taken a few and, well, I SWEAR I'm not doing this on purpose!!!!

I am supposed to be BFFs with Rapunzel, I share her style, and I need to wear her wedding dress, probably when I marry my soulmate, true love, and future prom date Flynn Rider.

(Okay, all the Flynn ones were intentional. Can you blame me?

The others were just honestly answering questions from quizzes on blogs.disney.com's Oh My Disney and Disney Style blogs.)

I guess even the Internet is on board for Live Your Dream December! I really could not stop laughing at this.

MyLittleMegara (Or should I be MyLittleRapunzel????)


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