Live Your Dream December

It is officially December, and that means that In A World of My Own is having a party! YES!!! A BLOG PARTY!!!!!

As you can probably guess, our theme is Tangled and that means that for the next 31 days every post will, in some way, relate to Rapunzel's story. I plan on touching on some deep stuff, some of it fairly religious, so if that isn't your cup of tea, please don't be rude or unkind. Just channel Thumper and keep your comments to yourself. I'm fine with being disagreed with, just please do it in a polite manner. Thank you! I also plan on at least one doll review and some other surprises, possibly including a giveaway. But no promises on that just yet. :)

Part of Live Your Dream December is my own personal photography challenge, I Am The Lost Princess. I was inspired by this scene:

The scene, where Rapunzel realizes that she is the Lost Princess. I find this moment so empowering, for both our green-eyed protagonist and the wide-eyed viewer. This is, for Rapunzel, what "Let It Go" is for Elsa; this is her moment, the moment when everything changes. "I am the Lost Princess." And if Rapunzel can be a princess, who can't?

Personally, I like the idea of being a Lost Princess, so I made myself a small, not-quite-perfect flag with Corona's sun symbol on it.

Every day, I'm going to get a picture of it with something that reminds me of the sun design. See the connection?

Anyway, this is December 1st's picture: the asterisk key on my computer! (*)

Check back every day for more of I Am The Lost Princess and everything else for Live Your Dream December!

Flower gleam and glow,