I Am Actually NOT a Complete Flake!

There is a reason that I went on a blogging hiatus in the middle of a party. First of all, I would like to establish that I did not, at all, want to stop blogging for so long, particularly when I had a bunch of deep, thoughtful posts planned, along with at least one review and the possibility of a giveaway. I plan on doing some of those in the next four days, although having lost three weeks, they will be crammed together and there won't be as many.

 He... he... sorry...

Now, I have a good reason for this break. Actually, several good reasons: 7 finals and Christmas. All within the same three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Studying, testing, and then family-constantly-doing-something-fun-and-really-time-consuming week.

This does mean that the whole IATLP thing ended after 8 photos, although I did continue to find suns without flag or camera in hand. I did get a picture of my new addition to my collection, though:

A Hallmark Itty Bitty Rapunzel! Isn't she cute?

Well, I just put the Tangled DVD in and I've got some posts to write... so stay tuned!