... And a Tangled Surprise for You!

It's official: this is the last post of Live Your Dream December.

It's been wonderful, and I'm honestly sad to see it go. But 2015 is just a few short hours away, and with it comes the end of December.

So, to finish our month of Tangled fun, I am having a giveaway. It's nothing huge, and no, for those of you who just got your hopes up, it is definitely not Cress. Or Posy. Or a doll at all.

I'm putting all of the important information about this event in boldface, so that you know what the rules are and how you can win the prize: one of two Scrabble Tile charms.

Both were made by me from a scrabble tile, ribbon, some concept art of Rapunzel. sealant. glue, and a silver bail. This doesn't include any sort of necklace chain or key chain ring, just the pendant.

For those of you concerned about size, here are Cress and Posy with the tiles in corresponding colors:

In order to enter, you must
-live in the US (sorry, I can only ship in the states)
-comment on this post
-have parent permission if you are under 18

You can get up to four entries by commenting, following my blog, following Meg's blog, or following my account on Pinterest.

Please do not lie and say that you did these things if you didn't. I will know if you do, and doing so will result in your being excluded from the drawing.

Winners will be drawn on January 10, entries close on the 9th.

With any questions or concerns, email me at adventuresindollwonderland@gmail.com

If you are the winner, I will ask you to comment with your email on the post announcing the winner. As soon as I see this comment, I will remove it so that you don't get unwanted communication from others. I will contact you with the same address listed above.

That's all!

Entries are open as of now.

Happy New Year!!!!

Go. Live your dream.



  1. If I were to win could I email you the address?

  2. That's the plan! I'm working on a way for the winners to submit their email addresses to me so that nobody else can see them. You can also earn multiple entries if you follow this blog, Meg's blog, or my Pinterest account. :)

  3. Okay, I now have comment moderation so that should make giving me your email easy and safe! :)

  4. I follow you everywhere, so please give me as many entries as that allows! Thanks!!!

  5. What if I post about it on my blog?

    1. That's more than welcome- I'd be honored! Thank you! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I found it on disneyscreencaps.com. :)

    2. You're welcome! It's an awesome background!



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