A Tangled Surprise for Me

A few days after Christmas, I used some of my gift money to purchase two dolls that have been at the top of my non-Frozen list for a while now. Over the last few months, I watched one's price drop about twenty dollars as availability increased while the other... well, let's just say that by the time I went to find her there were none on Amazon, none on Etsy, and only two on eBay... one for $45 and one for $90. Guess which one I got?

Anyway, I was thrilled and surprised to see this this morning:

You're welcome, PayPal!
Now, who could this be?
Classic Wedding Rapunzel!!!!!!!!! WITH BROWN HAIR! (I'm a little excited about the hair. Maybe.)

Umm... hi?

I guess they used the same packaging for both of the Rapunzel dolls released at the time.

Nothing about marriage? Or Eugene?

$15... ha!!!!

 Posy was the first to greet her once I'd freed the new girl, now renamed Cress.
 The two share a face mold, yet have completely different paint jobs that seem to give them completely different personalities; Posy is spunky and ready for just about anything while Cress is quieter, but easily excited.

Here's your first look at Cress in all of her deboxed glory:

The designers of this doll put so much though into details! I love the flower and sun print of the fabric:

Cress has shoes, which I am usually not at all a fan of for a Rapunzel doll (I mean, come on, she spends the whole movie barefoot!!!!) But this time, I'm making an exception and confessing that I really like these shoes... I'd wear them in real life... and that she IS getting married, so I suppose we can expect her to wear shoes for that.

Her bodice is simple, but beautiful. Especially in natural light. :)
The design from the bodice and skirt isn't on the puffed sleeves, but I actually like that better than I think I would if the design continued. It makes them stand out more.
A gold ribbon edges the neckline and the cuffs of the sleeves, though you can't tell in this picture.

Her tiara is attatched to her veil and her head and is delicate and well painted. Once again, we see a fine eye for detail.

Her veil extends to about mid thigh.
You can also see that the time she spent in her box caused some horrible wrinkling in the back of her skirt and at the base of the veil- I'm hoping that this will relax over time.

This picture is one of my favorites
of Cress's hair.
Cress's tresses (sorry, I just had to) are choppy, short, layered, brown, and absolutely 100% movie accurate and gorgeous. Don't tell Posy or Rapunzel, but she has my favorite Rapunzel hair.

Cress, as stated previously, shares a face mold with Posy, but her expression couldn't be more different. She looks sweet, excited, and friendly, but also a little bit nervous.

I saved the best for last- my favorite detail. And based on the lavish praise I've been giving this doll, you know that this has to be good! It is. :)

Cress has a wedding ring painted on her left hand!!! I CAN'T STAND HOW CUTE THIS IS!!!

I am so pleased that I snagged this doll while I could and I am completely satisfied with my purchase, even for the $45 that she ended up costing me. She is absolutely gorgeous and manages to be simple and detailed at the same time, which is something I never would have thought was possible.

Picking a favorite Rapunzel from my growing collection would be extremely hard, but Cress may have a leg up. Just saying. ;}

Now I REALLY can't wait for Eugene to get here!!!!!!

Dream big,


  1. She is so pretty! Would you recommend her?

    1. Without a doubt. I don't usually like to spend as much on Barbie size dolls as I did on her ($45 on eBay) but she was worth every cent. From what I understand, she's the only current play line Rapunzel with the short brown hair. :D If you try to find one, good luck!


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