Rapunzel's Arrival

Picture this: I'm sitting in the car and my mother hands me a padded envelope. I open the envelope and see.... a mummified turkey???

 Upon unwrapping, I discovered (to my excitement) that I had not, in fact, received a turkey. Good thing, too, since I'm allergic to turkey!

The first view of her adorable face!

When we got home, I got a few more pictures of her.

She wasn't in her original dress, and a ribbon had been wrapped around her waist as though that would make it fit her.

When I removed the ribbon, I found that it was actually a cute dress... just not on her.

So I put it on this toddler Rapunzel that I've been planning on customizing and found that it was precious on her!

I put Toddler Punzie's dress on my new singing doll and found quite an improvement.

I safety-pinned it in back and, suddenly, it looked like it had been made for her!

Both girls look much happier now. :)

Oh, and I've started customizing little Rapunzel. What do you think so far? She's obviously not done.



  1. I wonder how little Rapunzel turned out :)

    1. I think she turned out well! http://adventuresindollwonderland.blogspot.com/2016/07/custom-rapunzel.html

    2. She did indeed! So cute!


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