Bad, Bad MyLittleMegara! *smack*

I would like to formally apologize for neglecting the internet for the past few weeks. I had Elsa's post almost all ready to go plus a bunch of other pictures for future posts... and a five page essay to write, and a bunch of assignments on science things that I don't understand, and geometry up to my eyeballs, and several tests in subjects that I am not good at. Plus I had chores, and babysitting, and I did need to get a little bit of sleep. I am not Wonder Woman :}. So, Elsa is sitting in drafts waiting for me to finish and I am hoping that I can finish getting her pix this weekend... but I can't promise anything because, again, I'm not Wonder Woman. There are days when I wish I was, but... I'm not. Please be patient!



  1. You are vastly more hard on yourself than we, your loyal fans, would ever want. Live your life, blog when you can. We love you anyway.

  2. Ahhh... thank you, Aighmi*! :)

  3. Yep! Know the feeling... lol!


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