Sparkle Anna by Mattel Review

In honor of the Once Upon a Time season premiere tonight, I thought I should get a Frozen doll review done! Since Anna is my favorite character and Sparkle Anna was the first Frozen doll I got, I thought I'd start with her.

Note: Please pardon my bad box photos- I'm not really sure what went wrong, but they didn't turn out quite as nicely as I'd hoped they would.

I purchased Anna at my local Target a while back- there were three Frozen dolls in the entire toy aisle: two Sparkle Annas and one Color Magic Elsa. I came home with CM Elsa, too.

Box Front

Her box was decorated with a combination of snowflakes and flowers, plus a photo of the sisters.

Box Back
The back was decorated similarly, with a large, inaccurate stock photo of Anna and a small, even less accurate stock photo of Kristoff and Elsa, plus a description of what is probably supposed to be the plot.
Can you say "trying too hard to oversimplify a story too complex for one sentence?"
Anna from the side
I didn't take any deboxing photos (bad MyLittleMegara!) but I can tell you that she was packaged like just about every other Barbie I've ever received: rubber bands and plastic tabs in unfortunate places.
Anna's sweet- if slightly vacant- face plus tiara
Her crown is attached with another clear rubber band and is made of some pink, sparkly, translucent plastic.

Hi there!
Okay, onto the doll herself. :)

Anna comes in an ensemble similar to her winter outfit from the movie.
Her skirt is printed with a design that ALMOST matches the movie's design with a few color discrepancies.
Her cape is a very simple design with an odd ribbon-like trim, a black collar, and a plastic Velcro fastener. I really do like this piece.
She has cute boots, but they are rather uninspiring. The design is molded okay, but I wish they had painted the bottoms pink and the swirls gold.
Her molded on blouse baffles me. What on earth is it supposed to look like? This is so NOT Anna's vest!
I appreciate the detail on the sleeves and neckline, though. I guess that makes up for some of the other overlooked details.
Under her skirt and cape, Sparkle Anna has her molded top and black painted on underwear that just give a very odd over all effect of a gymnastics costume gone badly wrong. I much prefer her with her clothes on. :)
Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
She has a sweet face, although she seems a little bit more vapid than I'd prefer. If you click on the picture, you'll be able to see her face paint up close. She has a slightly crooked smile, which I LOVE, some unrealistic freckles, large blue eyes (that from some angles do make her look a BIT like a bug,) and the most adorable nose ever.
Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining
Her hair is a pretty ginger color with a thick white streak plus small streaks of white all over.

Widest her legs can go to the sides...

... and the front and back.



LET IT GOOOOO... oh wait...

Princess Arms
She has five points of articulation: her shoulders, her hips, and her head (which I didn't get any good pix of... sorry...)
It's just essential Barbie articulation; nothing new or exciting that we've never seen before.
Her back appears to have extra "fabric" molded on, plus her manufacturing information on her bottom.
Mine has a slight factory flaw: a small dot of pink paint or something similar on her arm that I can't remove. I'm assuming this isn't normal, because it doesn't look even slightly intentional.
I Love You
Size comparison with Color Magic Elsa
Bye-Bye! Thanks!
Overall, I give this doll an 8 out of 10. I'm deducting two points, one for her strange clothes and one for her vacant expression. I feel like Mattel could have done so much better with bringing Anna to life. Despite her obvious flaws, I really do like this doll. I would recommend her more for children than collectors because she seems like a sturdy, well-built, (not-particularly movie accurate) doll who would be able to withstand most play but she isn't necessarily the quality most collectors will be looking for.

That's all for now! Thank you!