Once Upon a Time Season Four Premiere: MyLittleMegara's Thoughts

Last night I was able to watch the Season Four Premiere of OUAT with the new Frozen characters. I was actually pleasantly surprised- after being sorely disappointed by the Oz plotline, I was really rather scared about what ABC was going to do to three of my absolute favorite characters from anything ever. I will try not to spoil anything about the plot.

1. Elsa.
ABC's Once Upon a Time

I really liked Georgina Haig as Elsa. Of the three, she seemed the most comfortable in her new role, and her acting seemed natural most of the time. There were a few times when she started to overact (particularly when she was talking to Sven.) I like the effects for her ice magic, too. Her costume is pretty, but I feel like it's too tight and not detailed enough. I wish they had done the corset differently! All in all, she was my favorite of the OUAT Frozen cast, although as we see more of Anna that will probably change.

2. Anna.
Photos Courtesy of Oh My Disney

I feel like Elizabeth Lail has a ton of potential to be a wonderful Anna... but she isn't quite settled into her role yet. All of the new cast must be feeling a lot of pressure to portray these uber popular characters, which is completely understandable considering how much Frozen has impacted the world. Unfortunately, this shows with Anna. Most of her acting seems forced, as if she's trying too hard. (The worst instance was when she was discussing Kristoff's childhood with Elsa and trying on the dress. Sorry, I'm trying to be vague for those of you who haven't seen it yet.) Every once in a while, though, I'd see a spark of the Anna I know and love. I'm willing to bet that, given time, Once will have one heck of a Princess Anna in Elizabeth Lail- she just needs to get more comfortable with her role.

3. Kristoff.


I knew that ABC wouldn't find a Kristoff that fit my fangirling heart's desires for the character. Actually, Scott Michael Foster surprised me by being better than what I expected- but he is still NOT my Kristoff. His acting was fine and he sounds a lot like Jonathan Groff, so I can't complain about that, but he looks ALL WRONG. I think they've resculpted his nose, and whatever they're doing with his hair just looks BAD. At one point, I even had my hand over my view of him so I could just listen, and he sounds wonderful! But I can't get past his not-Kristoff-enough looks. I know I'm being really picky, but bear with me. We all have that one character. ;} Also, his acting was slightly overdone in places. His rambling didn't seem authentic.

Overall, I'm excited for this new plot (and I LOVE the Trolls.) I have high hopes for our new princesses and am looking forward to next Sunday.

I leave you with an interview of Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail on their new roles. They seem like lovely people. :)